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Celesta Rannisi's Timely Topics in Childbirth

In memory of my friend Dr. David Chamberlin who taught me that ‘babies remember birth’! —I will miss you!

Dr. David Chamberlin
In the last quarter century, David and his colleagues in APPPAH have fundamentally re-defined the nature of the baby in the womb. He describes and contrast the "old" baby and the "new" baby in respect to memory and learning, awareness and intelligence, emotion and the senses (20 senses, not 5).

Our guest will be Dr. David Chamberlain, a pioneer in prenatal psychology, one of the founders of APPPAH, founding editor of birthpsychology.com, and author of The Mind of Your Newborn Baby which is now in 12 languages. David has taught in 18 countries and appeared in a dozen educational films, most recently in “What Babies Want.” David 
taught at Santa Barbara Graduate Institute.

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Radio Show AudioPlacenta Benefits
The benefits of using placenta in postpartum is underestimated and relatively unused by most practitioners. Come listen to Jodi Selander share the gift of placenta therapy and how to preserve and use your placenta. 

Jodi Selander began offering placenta encapsulation services to mothers in January, 2006. Her passion for the work, coupled with the stories from her clients relating how placenta capsules had helped them have a better postpartum experience, led her to launch the website Placenta Benefits.info. To pursue her mission of making placenta encapsulation accessible to women everywhere, she developed and launched the Placenta Encapsulation Specialist Training & Certification Course. This new, one-of-a-kind program was created to provide safe and quality placenta encapsulation services to new mothers.
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Radio Show AudioNewborn Chiropractic
Prenatal and Pediatric Specialist Dr. Nicole Rocca Joins us to discuss the Webster in-Utero breech technique used to turn a baby and avoid surgical birth. An expert on newborn complications of nursing, colic, constant crying or spitting up Dr Rocca will share her approach to newborn care. 

Dr. Nicole Rocca is a practitioner and strong advocate for safe, gentle and effective prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care. She is a certified specialist in The Webster Technique and is a Fellow of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Dr. Rocca's dedication to caring for the newborn baby and mother has made her one of San Diego's elite practitioners. Her specialized expertise and warm heart enables families to thrive and reclaim their health and vitality.
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Radio Show AudioDr. Darrel Crain - Vaccinations
A new trend has developed in the area of vaccinations. We are now vaccinating our young daughter with the HPV (human papaloma virus) and now we are seeing that the side effect can actually kill our daughters!!! This show is a must for all those with junior high school girls. 

Dr. Darrel Crain is a family chiropractor, health researcher, columnist and lecturer who has been practicing in the San Diego area for nine years. Dr. Crain just completed his second term as president of the California Chiropractic Association, San Diego County District. His articles and op-ed columns have appeared in numerous natural health journals, magazines and websites. Dr. Crain is a tireless advocate of medical informed consent and medical freedom.
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Radio Show AudioBrooke Ray - Postpartum
You got threw the pregnancy and birth. You have your sweet baby in your arms, what now? Come join Brooke Ray CNM discusses the challenges of the first weeks of postpartum. The rich knowledge and ideas she has to offer new families and their babies is awesome information you will not want to miss. 

Brooke Ray is a Certified Nurse-Midwife dedicated to assisting families who choose homebirth. She is a graduate of UCSF and certified by the American College of Nurse Midwives. She has attended over 1000 births at the UCSD Medical Center, the Best Start Birth Center and at home. Brooke is from Santa Barbara, California. She has raised three children, two of which were born at home. She enjoys dancing and teaches prenatal bellydancing at the Mind, Body and Soul Dance Studio in San Diego.
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Radio Show AudioLynn Griesemer - Unassisted Birth
Join Lynn Griesemer as we discuss unassisted homebirth - why more women are choosing to give birth at home without a doctor or midwife. We will discuss the obstacles to an unassisted birth, the benefits and how to prepare for an unassisted birth. Lynn's passion is contagious and you won't want to miss this informative and inspiring show. Lynn M. Griesemer is the author of Unassisted Homebirth: An Act of Love and the motivational childbirth CD Your Body, Your Birth: Secrets for a Satisfying and Successful Birth. As a "birth philosopher," she encourages women to ask a lot of questions about why we give birth the way we do. She is a coordinator of the 3rd National Husband / Wife Homebirth Conference which will be held in Liberty, Missouri on July 4, 2009.
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Radio Show AudioPregnancy & Childbirth Secrets
Author Gail Dahl joins us this week to share from her well respected book Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets' Learn how to calm a crying baby, cure morning sickness, heal diaper rash and much much more. She is a vault of information and the tricks she teaches mothers and midwives are invaluable. 

Gail J. Dahl is a childbirth researcher and educator, an advocate for safe and gentle childbirth and a national bestselling author. She has received many awards, including The YWCA Woman of Distinction Award, The Woman of Vision Award and The Great Women of the 21st Century Award for her work in women's health and education. She is nominated for The Signature Award for Community Achievement.
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Radio Show AudioFertility Awareness and Birth Control..........Naturally
Close to 70% of women between the ages of 14 and 40 are on some form of hormone therapy to control their fertility cycles here in America. Spermicides, condoms, or diaphragms are not much better a choice and the side effects of hormones include some forms of cancer. Dr. Alfred Shihata will explain how a woman can recognize her fertility signs and signals to avoid the risks of birth control products on the market today. 

Dr. Shihata is a Researcher in contraception and sexually transmitted disease prevention. He is the president and CEO of FemCap Incorporated, and the medical director of Microbicide research for prevention of HIV transmission. He was recently granted the FDA approval for his latest invention, the FemCap.
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Radio Show AudioGentle Birth Choices - Ecstatic Hormones
Dr. Buckley will share with us the importance of the ecstatic hormones of undisturbed birth; impact of birth technologies on mother and baby; third stage issues and cord clamping; and the evolutionary wisdom of gentle parenting. Dr. Buckley encourages us to be fully informed in our decision-making; to listen to our hearts and our intuition; and to claim our rightful role as the real experts in our bodies and our children. 

Sarah J. Buckley, M.D. a trained GP/family physician with a diploma in obstetrics, an internationally-acclaimed writer and speaker on pregnancy, birth and parenting, and mother to four children, all born at home. Her work examines childbirth and parenting issues from the widest possible perspectives, including scientific, evolutionary, and experiential. Sarah’s unique perspective, as physician and homebirth mother, brings together her own experiential wisdom with firm scientific evidence.
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Radio Show AudioDr. David Chamberlain - Conscious Newborns
In the last quarter century, David and his colleagues in APPPAH have fundamentally re-defined the nature of the baby in the womb. He will describe and contrast the "old" baby and the "new" baby in respect to memory and learning, awareness and intelligence, emotion and the senses (20 senses, not 5). 

Our guest will be Dr. David Chamberlain, a pioneer in prenatal psychology, one of the founders of APPPAH, founding editor of birthpsychology.com, and author of The Mind of Your Newborn Baby which is now in 12 languages. David has taught in 18 countries and appeared in a dozen educational films, most recently in “What Babies Want.” He teaches at Santa Barbara Graduate Institute.
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Radio Show AudioTrusting birth............the training of midwives
One of the oldest professions on the planet is midwifery. In this episode author Carla Hartley discusses the traditional methods of training midwives, the midwifery model of apprenticeship, and other paths to becoming a midwife. 

Carla Hartley is the founder and director of both Ancient Art Midwifery Institute and The Trust Birth Initiative. She has advocated for, and written extensively about, midwifery and birth for thirty years. Carla is the author of Helping Hands, The Apprentice Workbook. 

Carla is the proud mother of four, mother-in-law to three, and Baba to six, and wife to her long-suffering, extremely supportive husband of more than 36 years.
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Radio Show AudioThe Business of Being Born - Ricki Lake
Birth: it’s a miracle. A rite of passage. A natural part of life. But more than anything, birth is a business. Compelled to find answers after a disappointing birth experience with her first child, actress Ricki Lake recruits filmmaker Abby Epstein to examine and question the way American women have babies. Join us for what will prove to be one of our most exciting shows. Help us welcome Ricki Lake and thank her for the wonderful work she is doing in producing such a eye opening and important film. The business of being born.
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Radio Show AudioBabies 101 - The Basics for New Dads

The birth of a new baby brings wonderment and joy, along with bewilderment and displacement for many new daddies. Come join our guest Phil Wrzesinski who teaches new fathers classes called "Babies 101". His approach is so down to earth that if you have a new dad in your life you will want him to listen to this show. Becoming a father is a major life transition so learn ways to make it easy. 

Phil Wrzesinski is the President and Owner of Toy House and Baby Too in Jackson, Michigan, one of America’s largest independent toy and baby stores (www.toyhouseonline.com). Phil is the proud father of two young boys. He helps other expectant fathers get off to a good start in their fatherhoods through a class he teaches at Foote Hospital called “Babies 101: The Basics for New Dads”. Phil also teaches classes at his store on smart toy and baby product shopping, helping parents spend their money wisely. You can read more about Phil, his thoughts, and his store at www.toyhouseonline.com

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Radio Show AudioJan Tritten - Midwifery Today
Midwifery Today stands alone as the leading birth resource through the magazine and conferences for mothers and midwives. Come listen and call in questions to Jan Tritten on the history of Midwifery Today, Jan will share what she has learned from midwives from all over the world and share her personal joys and challenges of being a pioneer for the midwifery model of care. 

Jan Tritten is the founder and editor of Midwifery Today. She became a midwife in 1976 after the wonderful homebirth of one of her daughters. Her mission is to make loving midwifery care the norm for birthing women and their babies in this country and around the world.
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Radio Show AudioHome School Families
More and more families are becoming disillusioned by the public school systems in America with many children falling through the cracks. They are looking for a more personalized education for their children and turning to private and now home school programs. Pam McDonald homebirth and home school mother, joins us to share her joys and challenges of homeschooling her large family. Much wisdom to be found in this show. You will not want to miss this one.

Pam McDonald is the mother of 11 children ranging in age from 31 years to 3 years old. She began home schooling her children in 1984 and continues to do so today. She is also grandmother of 6 children. A second generation of home schoolers.
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Radio Show AudioTraci Gaffney - Parenting Tools
Dedicated to providing leading edge parenting tools and information to empower parents to consciously support and nurture their children. Traci Gaffney will share valuable parenting tools with us. Whether you are looking for information on prenatal bonding or you have teenagers, Traci can help you learn to connect better with your children. Traci Gaffney is the mother of three children. She is a coach, speaker and author in the areas of intuitive parenting and prenatal bonding. She is the Founder of A Loving Way, a Wellness Advocacy for Children and Parents  www.alovingway.com
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Radio Show AudioPam England - Birthing From Within®
In America, Women go to childbirth classes to learn to give birth! The focus of most mainstream childbirth classes is the physical aspects of birth with little emphasis on the emotional. Pam England's book and classes, "Birthing From Within" takes a more holistic approach to childbirth and is a wonderful couples guide for the inner journey into parenthood. Join us for a look at yet another option for couples seeking midwifery model of care. Birthing From Within® was conceived and developed by Pam England, MA, CNM, a home-birth midwife and mother who, inspired by her own birth experiences, developed this innovative, compassionate, and holistic approach to childbirth and postpartum preparation. Her book, "Birthing From Within" encourages women and men to delve into their own personal journey of becoming a parent and raising their babies with confidence.
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Radio Show AudioDr. Jack Heinowitz - Pregnant Fathers
It is not often that when it comes to pregnancy and birth that we think pregnant fathers. Yes fathers are also pregnant and birthing as well. We so often forget this fact. Dr. Jack Heinowitz will discuss the issues facing pregnant and birthing fathers and how to help make the transition into fatherhood meaningful and fulfilling. Dr. Jack Heinowitz has practiced counseling and psychotherapy in San Diego for 26 years. He works with men, women, adolescents, couples and families. Dr. Heinowitz is the father of two grown daughters and a teenage son. He is internationally known for his books Fathering: Right From The Start, Pregnant Fathers: Entering Parenthood Together, and Pregnant Fathers: Becoming The Father You Want To Be. He and his wife, Ellen Eichier, LCSW work together in the Mission Hills area of San Diego California. Dr. Heinowitz's broad-based approach and engaging style can be described as down-to-earth; supportive; active; pragmatic; and relationship oriented.
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Radio Show AudioCalifornia Midwives… A David and Goliath story
The midwives of California need your support. Their plight with ACOG and the medical insurance companies, threatens women's access to midwifery care. Carrie Sparrevohn is a California licensed midwife. Her training was apprentice based during the 1980s and began giving care in her own right during the early 1990’s. She began work in clinics after she gained licensure in California in 1997. She works with under served populations in the Sacramento area and has been instrumental in beginning the Sally Clinic Project in Uganda, which is her passion and life work. She has a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology from UC Riverside. Past president for the California Association of Midwives, she remains as their legislative chair. She currently sits on the first Midwifery Advisory Council of the Medical Board of California. Joining us again, Claudia Breglia President of California Association of Midwives and homebirth midwife.
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Radio Show AudioChildren at Birth - Alexis Bingaman
Miss Alexis Bingaman is an 11yr old childbirth advocate for children. At the age of 9, she wrote a book about the most important things kids needed to know about pregnancy, birth and when a new baby comes into a family. Jessica Bingaman is a homeschool mother who has encouraged this amazing young lady to produce one of the sweetest children's books about birth on the market today. From the mouths of babes we learn very powerful lessons of life if we listen. Call in and ask this powerful mother daughter team your questions. This should prove to be a really great show. At age 9, Alexis Bingaman wrote and illustrated the book "What every kid should know when their mommy is having a baby!" Alexis attended the birth of her two younger siblings Ashton and Audree, A homeschool student she has studied childbirth and pregnancy with her mom. Jessica Bingaman is a Le Letche League Leader, Doula, Midwife Assistant and is studying to become a Certified Professional Midwife.
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Radio Show AudioDoulas the Jewel of the Birthing Woman
Throughout history women have been cared for and supported by other women during childbirth. It is an ancient practice still honored today in most cultures. When childbirth moved from one's home to the hospital, we lost the element of a woman's nurturing touch, encouragement and guidance brought to birth by a doula. Fiona Wolfe Is a certified childbirth educator and doula. For the past eight years, she has developed a childbirth education program at a pregnancy care clinic where she teaches classes and offers doula services to her crisis pregnancy clients. She recently returned from northern Uganda on a mission trip with 'Invisible Children.' were she delivered babies in a impoverished government hospital. Dora Ramirez, was trained through ALACE and has been a practicing doula for 8 years. She is a certified childbirth instructor trained under the AAHCC, lactation consultant, assistant homebirth midwife and apprentice.
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Radio Show AudioGlobal Breastfeeding Norms
In this episode of timely topics we will discuss the norms of breastfeeding around the world and how they compare to US standards of care for newborns and their mothers. We will talk about how to improve the standard of care in this country. Rose deVigne-Jackiewicz, RN, MPH, IBCLC, has spent most of her nursing career working with new mothers and babies. Rose is regarded as one of the top Lactation consultants in San Diego, California. Rose is the founder of HAPPY, HEALTHY MOM'S & BABIES: a resource service for breastfeeding mothers and health professionals and author of the HAPPY, and HEALTHY MOM'S & BABIES series of handbooks
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Radio Show AudioBIRTH" The Play - Karen Brody
The inspiration and stories behind the creation of "Birth" the play with playwright Karen Brody. Come listen and support this special lady. Karen Brody, founder of BOLD, playwright of Birth, is a mother and writer with a strong background in international development and women's issues. After having delivered her two children at home with midwives, Brody became a passionate advocate for pregnant women. In 2004 Brody wrote Birth, her first play, based on over 100 interviews she conducted with women about their birth experience. Brody launched Birth On Labor Day (BOLD) in 2006 as a way to raise awareness about the global maternity care crisis and to help birth organizations raise money for their activities so they can continue to support pregnant mothers. Brody lives in Tanzania, East Africa with her husband and two sons.
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Radio Show AudioBaby Matters: What your doctor may not tell you about caring for your baby
There are so many challenges presented to new parents concerning their newborn and children's health care. In this timely topic we will be blessed to have Dr. Linda Palmer come and share insights and wisdom from her book and help us understand the issues and options facing us when choosing care for our babies. Linda Folden Palmer, DC, consults and lectures on the science behind natural infant health choices, optimal child nutrition and attachment parenting. After running a successful chiropractic practice focused on nutrition and women’s health for more than a decade, Linda’s research into her infant son’s health challenges led her to write Baby Matters: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Caring for Your Baby. She provides telephone consultations for infant colic, lactation difficulties, child nutrition, food allergy issues and infant sleep challenges.
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Radio Show AudioPeaceful Pregnancy - Pat Farrell - 101 ways to get a life
Most women know that what we eat, drink and smell affects our babies while we are pregnant. Did you know that what we feel, our environment and life stresses affect our babies too? Pat Farrell, author of the book, "101 ways to get a life" will share with us the importance of a stress free lifestyle and environment for the health and well being of you, your baby and your family. Since 1991 Pat Farrell has been using alternative methods to help people relieve stress to live freer, happier lives. She practices Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Energy Medicine, Kinesiology, and is a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She works with pregnant women to create peaceful pregnancies for healthier babies as well as with adults’ pre & perinatal issues dating from their mothers’ pregnancies. Pat is an EFT instructor and has clients worldwide. She is the author of 101 Ways to Get a Life: How to Be Happy… No Matter What’s Happening and a popular guest on both radio and TV.
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Radio Show AudioCircumcision: The mutilation of a generation
Join Marilyn Milos as we explore the myths and truths of circumcision. Cultural attitudes have kept a very harsh and unnecessary practice alive in America. Even with the American Academy of Pediatrics not supporting the routine practice any longer why do hospitals and pediatrician still practice genital mutilation? Marilyn Milos is a Registered Nurse, the founder and Executive Director of the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC) and the coordinator of the International Symposia on Circumcision, Sexual Mutilations, and Genital Integrity. She is editor of the NOCIRC Annual Newsletter and the co-editor of five books, the proceedings of the international symposia. She is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Sexology.
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Radio Show AudioHow to Prevent Complication in Birth - Dr. Caserma
The way a baby lays in the pelvis before birth is the most important preventative measure a woman can do to prevent birth complications. A well aligned spine and pelvis insures a safe passage through the bones. In this episode Dr. Caserma will share her knowledge with us on how to make sure your baby is in the right posture for birth and ways to prevent or resolve birth trauma to mothers and babies. Dr. Gina Caserma is committed to helping families in the community experience improved health and vitality. Dr. Caserma has been practicing in San Diego for ten years, and is the owner of World of Wellness Chiropractic in El Cajon; a warm and friendly family centered wellness facility. Dr. Caserma specializes in women’s health issues and lectures on raising healthy families. She has brought together practitioners who have been specifically trained to help facilitate a wonderful pregnancy and birth experience, laying the foundation to raising a healthy family.
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Radio Show AudioImmunizations - Dr. Crain
What are we really putting into our healthy newborns? Why are babies dying or becoming damaged? Dr. Crain will share the most up to date information available about today s childhood immunizations and the effect it has on our kids. Learn what is safe and what is not. Decide for yourself if you need to immunize your child. And if so which ones you do or do not want to inject. Dr. Darrel Crain is a family chiropractor, health researcher, columnist and lecturer who has been practicing in the San Diego area for nine years. Dr. Crain just completed his second term as president of the California Chiropractic Association, San Diego County District. His articles and op-ed columns have appeared in numerous natural health journals, magazines and websites. Dr. Crain is a tireless advocate of medical informed consent and medical freedom.
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Radio Show AudioWater Birth - Barbra Harper RN
Have you ever thought of having your baby in water? Why are more and more birth centers and hospital birth rooms using birth tubs? One of the most comfortable ways to handle the pains and tensions of labor is soaking and floating in warm water. In this week’s Timely Topics in Childbirth we will explore waterbirth and the issues surrounding this controversial way to bring a baby into the world. 

Barbra Harper RN, founder and director of Waterbirth International Resource and Referral Service, has been researching and documenting waterbirth and gentle birth since 1983. An internationally recognized expert, she lectures and consults within hospitals, birth centers and universities on the issues and application of water birth.
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Radio Show AudioDue Dates and Inductions - Michelle Freund, Midwife
The age ol’ question; “When will my baby be born?” is usually answered by midwives around the world “in mid-spring” or “late“ fall” Their approach is more open to the variations of individual women. Watchfully letting nature take her course to birth. Mainstream HMO’s and Hospitals do not work that way. They see masses and must keep tight reins on women in order not to miss any of the small % of women who need real help. Michelle Freund is a Midwife with a midwifery practice in Oceanside California. She has delivered over 600 babies at home and trains student midwives thru the apprenticeship model. She holds a seat on the California Association of Midwives Board as the Grievance committee contact. She has a midwifery practice in Oceanside CA.
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Radio Show AudioHome, Birth Center or Hospital. Which is best for me? - Jamin Sylvada RN
Choosing a place to birth is as important as who you choose as a midwife or doctor. In this episode of Timely Topics in Childbirth we will explore each option with certified nurse midwife Jamin Sylvada. If you want more information and have questions about these options tune in and give us a call at ……. If you don’t know your options you don’t have any. Jamin Sylvada has been a licensed midwife for more than 10 years, recognized both by the State Medical Board of California and the North American Registry of Midwives. Jamin is also licensed through the Council of Licensed Midwifery in the State of Florida and has received a State Diploma in Midwifery from the University of Paris V, in France.
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Radio Show AudioMidwives, The ancient way - History...
Midwives have been around since the beginning of recorded history. Their ways come from generation to generation of assisting women in their health care especially the pregnant, birthing, or lactating woman. Join Celesta as she interviews Claudia Breglia LM, CPM and Tosi Marserali LM about the history of midwives then and the midwife of today. What makes midwives unique and different from the main stream medical system and how women can access midwives today. With more midwives coming on the scene in homes, birth centers, and hospitals, this Timely Topics will leave you more informed about the choices you have in Childbirth. Come listen to what these special women have to say. Call into the show and let them answer your questions. 
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