Hydro-Colon Preparation

Preparation Guidelines for Hydro-Colon Therapy

ColonicColonic Cleansing Diet Guidelines
Two days before your colonic you will want to drink at least 64 oz of clear water per day. You will also want to cut back on all acid forming foods like dairy, flesh, sugar, breads and pasta, alcohol and caffeine. You will want to eat alkaline foods like veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds, legumes, whole grains, sprouts, leafy greens, Olive or flax oils, wheat grass, and whole grain sprouted breads.

The rule of thumb is:
If it's living, eat it, if it is not, don't. ...And everything in moderation!

How to take the herbs:
  • Psyllium: Take one teaspoon three times a day before a meal. Or if on fast two hours before or after cleansing herbs. In Mason jar add a teaspoon of psyllium in juice and shake till dissolved and drink down fast. (Caution psyllium thickens up quickly making it harder to swallow the longer you wait.)

  • Herbs: Take herbs per recommendation three times a day, two hours before or after a psyllium shake if fasting or between meals if not fasting. (Caution should allow two hours time after or before taking the psyllium shake)

  • Probiotics, and acidophilus: should be taking alone. Best taken first thing in the am, before foods.

  • Parasite herbs: should also be taken first thing in the morning or on empty stomach.