Home Birth Benefits

Is Home Birth for me?

Is Home Birth for me?

If you're a healthy expectant mother having a normal pregnancy and you have no medical or obstetrical risk factors, giving birth at home may be an option for you. Giving birth at home allows you to labor and deliver in familiar and comfortable surroundings.

Celesta has been providing well-woman/well-baby care  since 1987

Home Birth Benefits and Philosophy

  • Statistically as safe or safer than hospital birth
  • Positive and pleasant experience
  • Comfort, security and familiarity in your own home
  • One-to-one Midwife and/or Doula support
  • Avoidance of sedation drugs... all natural!
  • Freedom to walk around and be comfortable in surroundings of your choice
  • Easier to relax, let go and surrender at home
  • Freedom to choose your place and position of birth
  • Complication rates are lower than hospital births
  • Labor is usually shorter than in a hospital
  • Less blood loss
  • No unnecessary inducement
  • Relaxed and peaceful
  • Water-birth is an option
  • Not on your back or hooked up to machines
  • Problems in labor usually develop slowly, allowing enough time to be transferred (if needed)
  • Midwives carry all necessary equipment (Similar to a LDR or birth center)
  • Less likely to need a caesarean section

  • Birth is a natural process
  • Women have given birth 'naturally' for centuries without interventions
  • Take control of your experience 
  • Taking responsibility by making informed choices
  • Healthier options for mother and baby
  • Lower-cost that hospital birth
  • Child birth should be treated a celebration, not a disease
  • Miraculous, in-the-moment and lower stress on both mother and baby
  • Drugs can alter the natural healthy feedback mechanisms and are not good for the child
  • Medical management of pregnancy and birth should be limited