Calling All Fathers

Calling All Fathers

Midwife Celesta Rannisi, CM, LM, LCS is working on a book and DVD about the importance of Fathers during pregnancy, birth, and newborn period. Their roll is profound and life-changing. The book and DVD are by fathers for fathers. It is intended to educate and empower new dads and dads-to-be.

Celesta is looking for Fathers that willing to share their birth stories as well as perspectives on these topics. Please join in creating this special project and possibly end up in the book and DVD.

Please call: (619) 443-0165 if you are willing to share your experience and be interviewed.

Note: We may request to either record audio and/or video of the interview, if you agree. Also, we may request photographs of the family and perhaps any appropriate birth photos.

Example Topics:
Are there any tips you would give to new fathers.
• How did your birth experience change your life?
• How has a baby in the house changed your life?
• How has raising a child changed your life?

Thank you in advance,
Celesta Rannisi L.M., L.C.S., C.T.