Prenatal Flow Charts of the Manchild

Prenatal Flow Charts of the Manchild

BY: Ranee W. Stein C.M., Fellowship of Christian Midwives

Given on Mt. Sinai as were seven of the Feasts … Lev. 23

A look at the Hebrew Calendar with a dissertation on eight Hebrew Feasts in relationship to the Birth of the Manchild.

 The LORD GOD of Israel commanded the Hebrew people / Israelites to celebrate the seasons of the year through convocations; seven (7) feasts according to the lunar calendar. With the addition of Channukah as the eighth celebration, there is an interesting pattern that shapes up and forms the wonderful possibility that our Lord created a forecast as to the age of the Church as well as the development of a child, THE MANCHILD. This is in no way an attempt to cast in concrete a formula for either; only an attempt by the author to draw the similarities to your prayerful attention.

 Beginning on the fourteenth day of the month of Spring-the first celebration in the Hebrew calendar is Passover. Passover to Channukah is exactly 280 days; from the first to the last festival. It takes the same number of days from the conception of a child to the fullness of its birth (give or take a few days). GOD punctuates that time frame with a feast on exactly the same days that are important to the development of the ovam in transit to the celebration of birth.

 WE are believing this discovery, to be a Scriptural Blue Print of Life that God planted among His people long ago is only now being discovered and understood in relationship to the birth cycle. Particularly in view of the torrid times when science has discovered DNA to be the genetic blue print of individuality, The Prenatal Chart of the MANCHILD is the Blue Print of Life that comes to us as a pure gift. Abortion is on the rampage, high tech birth is prevalent and babies are born out of test tubes. Genetic manipulation is evident through invitro fertilization and mothers often times, can not choose where or with whom they birth their infants. It is no mistake that a pattern of life is revealed, with such precision and timing, to HIS people.

 The Hebrew keepers of time followed the Lunar Calendar based  on the phases of the moon. Each month begins with a new moon reaching full moon on the fourteenth day (14th) of a twenty-eight day cycle in the month. The Egyptians worshipped the sun. They based their yearly calendar on the days of the month according to the rotation of the earth around the sun which takes a thirty to thirty one day cycle (30-31 day). But even while captive in Egypt, our Hebrew forefathers marked the years by the lunar cycle.

 Over 5000 years ago, God gave the law and the order of the Feasts based on that same lunar calendar. Then, as well as now, this is as surely a sign of His love for His children. This calendar of events, seasons, feasts and festivals clearly is GOD’s BLUE PRINT OF LIFE for his chosen generation (Lev. 23:4-5).

So, beginning a “Perfect” year at the Passover, we will show you what is more than coincidence…The tides, growing seasons, the menstrual and the birth cycle are determined by this lunar system. Let us look at the “Perfect” lunar cycle when viewing the menstrual cycle, conception to the birth of a child in view of the eight (8) feasts ordained by the LORD GOD in the early times of our Hebrew forefathers. Through the scriptures, by its very subtlety, this information is yet another praise for the LORD’s eye for uniqueness in each one of HIS Children.

 Again, this is by no means an attempt to say that all birth is going to follow this pattern routinely for there are always varying influences with each pregnancy that would augment this idea. This is merely an attempt to show the sovereignty of GOD, through His direction to a chosen Generation; revealing a pattern that can not be denied.

Likened to a seed that was planted long ago-we see today the fruit of God’s labor in the Birth of a Manchild, created in Gods own image and in His timing. The following Feasts are individually outlined to demonstrate the LORD’s BLUE PRINT OF LIFE.

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